Aerodynamic Wings

Any front wing configuration can be supplied. Carbon fibre, light weight and aerodynamically efficient, they are at the cutting edge of guiding the airflow over the front of the car, specifically for either hill climbing or circuit racing.

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Fabrication and Construction

Tailor made items just for your car are another speciality of Empire Racing Cars. Catch tanks, dry sumps, fuel tanks, bulkheads, wing mounts, roll hoops, uprights and brake calipers can all be fabricated to your specific request.  

Full Arrive and Drive Service

Arrive and Drive service is a speciality of Empire Racing Cars in British Hill Climbing with record breaking cars being prepared, transported and serviced at all events the length and breadth of the UK.

Engine Installation

Need a bit more power? Empire Racing Cars can fit your new engine into your car, crafting it into the rear end of the chassis, solidly, quickly and skilfully.

Race Car Set Up

Get your car handling right. Corner weights, suspension height and driving position, as just an example, can all be completed. Make sure you don’t waste time at the event when it can all be done by Empire Racing Cars before you get there.

Suspension Arms and Wishbones

Aero shaped wishbones made to your specification for the strongest link to the chassis while being lightweight. Spare sets easily supplied.

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